Workshops & Activities




For a full schedule, see Events/Schedule on this site or download the PDF here.

Several workshops (Hand to Heart series and Ritual as Game) will focus on how to create rituals for large groups, specifically focusing on rituals that enliven community connection. These workshops will be a great refresher for seasoned ritualists and an easy way for those new to writing and performing ritual to take part. The ritual we create together, based on these workshops, will be celebrated Saturday evening.

Other workshops are offered on Oracle Deck creation and tarot deck exploration by author Arwen Lynch-Poe.

Workshop Schedule by Day

Friday Workshops

Hand to Heart: A Series on Creating Rituals for LargeGroups with Azrael Arynn K, Bridget Brooke, and others, Friday and Saturday, dates and times are listed for each part 

To fit our theme for MMSW 2022, Stepping Into the Future Together, we will create our Main Ritual together. Your facilitators are Azrael Arynn K and Bridget Brooke, who together have led or participated in over 100 large-group rituals. From this background, they have learned what works really well, and that some ideas were, um, less successful. Participate in any part or all of the series. The more you join, the richer the experience for all!

Hand to Heart Part 1: Creating Ritual Together
9:00 – 10:30, East Pavilion 

We will come together as a community to design the MMSW Main Ritual, asking, What kind of ritual do we want to create together? What excites you about ritual that you want to be part of creating one? Where does a ritual plan start? What do we want this ritual to be? How do we want people to feel when they leave the ritual? Our answers will begin our exploration of how to do that in a large group setting. 

Ritual as Game, or A Fish on the Altar, Faellina Rose
10:45 – 12:30, East Pavilion

In this workshop we’ll discuss very little. Mostly we’ll play! We’ll start by considering the concept that in large group ritual we are often left standing next to others, rather than in connection with others. How do we create group intimacy? Perhaps we should entice Younger Self to facilitate our connection through play! I will propose ideas that ignite our senses through a game that we’ll play. Then, fully charged, we’ll engage as a group in the magic of creation through brainstorming more ideas for games and improv. May include song, toys, poetry and mayhem. Wear comfortable clothing and soft shoes or bare feet. If you can, bring your favorite weird thing to put on the altar.

Hand to Heart Part 2: Further Development of Community Ritual
1:30 – 2:45, East Pavilion 

We will further develop our community ritual. What activities do we want in the ritual? Do we want to include anything from the Ritual as Game workshop? We will brainstorm activities, break to think about them, and individually or in small groups flesh out the ideas that most appeal. 

Hand to Heart Part 3: Writing Extraordinary Ritual forThis Large Group
3:00 – 5:00, East Pavilion 

Creating our extraordinary ritual for MMSW! We reconvene and start putting the pieces together. Will the activities we chose, in the order we present them, achieve the feelings we hope to elicit and create those memories? If not, what else can we do? What music and drumming can we add? Who can help? What props and costumes will enrich our ritual? We will go on a scavenger hunt to find the props, costumes, and music.

Saturday Workshops & Ritual Rehearsal

The Write Way Oracle, Arwen Lynch-Poe
9:00 – 10:30, West Pavilion

Join author Arwen Lynch-Poe to do some hands-on learning.
If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about creating an oracle deck, bring pen and paper to have some fun. We will be talking about how to write compelling oracle cards. You will be able to let your intuition flow. There is no judgment of who is right/wrong/better/worse. That is not what is important. Your vision of what you see in a card—that’s the crux of the matter. Arwen will also give you some behind-the-scenes tips on what publishers are looking for in decks. This workshop focuses on oracle decks but we can discuss Tarot and Lenormand if we have time. What’s holding you back? No judgment. No critiques. No negativity allowed (unless the card you are working on needs that.) You will be working in a safe, inclusive space. All levels of writing skills are welcome. And artists, please join us. You never know when you will meet your perfect partner in deck creation. Are you ready to do this the WRITE WAY?

Hand to Heart Part 4: What Treasures Did We Find?
10:45 – 11:45, East Pavilion 

What treasures did we find on the scavenger hunt? And how does our ritual hold together? Who takes what roles? We will make final tweaks and hold a short blocking rehearsal for tonight’s ritual. Who does what, when, where, and how?

Main Ritual Rehearsal, 2:00 – 3:30, Ritual Ground

Sunday Workshop

The Great Tarot SMACKDOWN!, Arwen Lynch-Poe
9:30 – 11:00, West Pavilion

Thoth? Marseilles? Rider-Waite-Smith? Which system is best? Which is worst? (SPOILER! All have their charms.)

Are you a polyamorous Tarot reader or monogamous? What’s the dang difference between the three major styles of Tarot decks? Who decided we needed them? Are there any other types of Tarot decks?

Bring your own reading deck (if you don’t have one, don’t despair… Arwen will have some to loan out.) We are going to dive into what makes these three systems of Tarot the same. Then we will ask what makes them vastly different from one another. 

What is a clone deck? Who decides what a card means? How much wiggle room is there? What about all the rules like buying your own deck, wrapping it in silk, etc.? Who can touch my deck? So many questions. Arwen has answers…to most. So bring your curiosity! Bonus! We will also learn how to easily tell a pirated deck from a legal one .

Activities, Gatherings, and Rituals by Day

While workshops enrich us in so many ways, we also need social time and fun, so….


Opening Ritual and Announcements, MMSW Coordinators
4:30 – 5:00, Ritual Ground

We will set up our ritual space, calling in energy for a successful festival of fun, learning, and sharing. There will be announcements and introductions.


Brewers & Makers Gathering, Donna Johnston
4:00 – 5:30, West Pavilion

If you brew, bake, or make anything with yeast, you are invited to compare potions with your fellow wizards. Bring your own drinking vessel and a sample of your brews, bakes, and products to share. 21+ only; we will check wristbands.

Welcome Tea Party Gathering, Bridget Brooke and Ina
5:00 – 6:30, The Happy Cauldron, located in the RV area near the East Pavilion

Come join us at the Happy Cauldron. If you’re new to the festival and/or the Craft, you’ll feel at home with us from the get-go! The Happy Cauldron is open to everyone—the more the merrier! We’re open throughout the weekend, so stop in whenever you feel like it. This evening’s tea party will feature cookies and tea provided by The Happy Cauldron; BYOB.

Bardic Circle, Scott
6:30 – 8:00, East Fire Pit
Share a joke, song, poem, etc., at the bardic to a very friendly audience cozied around a fire. If you are not attending the bardic, we ask that you keep noise low nearby so those sharing can be heard. 

Lingerie Parade and Chocolate Frenzy and Dance 
8:00 – 10:00, From East Fire Pit to Ritual Ground

Don your most outrageous lingerie, grab a bit of the divine (we mean chocolate), and join the parade from the East Fire Pit to the Ritual Ground. 

Fire Circle, Juliana
After the dance, West Fire Pit

Drum, dance, and sing into the night. Friday’s fire circle will start after the dance. Bring drums, other percussion instruments, costume, chants and songs to weave the energy of the fire and community.


Welcome Breakfast Hour Gathering, Bridget Brooke and Ina
8:00 – all day, The Happy Cauldron, located in the RV area near the East Pavilion

Serving coffee and muffins in the morning and throughout the day! Join us and get the skinny on the festival, meet new friends and check out our Cauldron Boutique!

Stepping into the Future Together, Gaia
1:00 – 2:00, East Pavilion

Mystic Mabon Southwest is a brand new group formed with at least one purpose in mind, and that is producing this fine festival. In keeping with the theme of our first Mystic Mabon festival, Stepping into the Future, I would like to bring together our community members (present at the festival) to start pondering what it means for our group to step into the future together. This session will be a round robin to garner ideas via brainstorming. We are a vibrant pagan community, and I know there are some really good ideas just waiting to
be heard! Blessed Be!

Ardantane Fundraiser Live Auction, Amber K and helpers
3:45 – 5:45, East Pavilion

A community favorite! A fabulous fun auction brimming with magical items the likes of which you will not see elsewhere. Auction of donated goods to benefit Ardantane. Bid on your favorite items. It’s a fun way to donate to Ardantane. Cash, checks, and plastic accepted.

Main Ritual, EVERYONE!!!
7:00, Ritual Ground

Celebrate Mabon with the ritual YOU created! 

Fire Circle, Juliana
8:30, West Fire Pit

Drum, dance, and sing into the night. Saturday’s fire circle will start after the main ritual. Bring drums, other percussion instruments, costume, chants and songs to weave the energy of the fire and community.


More About the Future of MMSW, Gaia
10:00 – 11:00, East Pavilion

We will continue Saturday’s discussion on what it means for our group to step into the future together. We will continue to brainstorm. Gaia plans to continue this pondering in a few future sessions after the festival, if deemed necessary.

Closing Ritual, MMSW Coordinators
11:15 – 11:45, Ritual Ground

We will release ritual space and give thanks for a successful festival, where we met new friends and started building a vibrant, new community.